Boo in Stitches Launches Today!


20 Jan Boo in Stitches Launches Today!

It’s our official Boo in Stitches launch day!  We are so excited (and a little nervous) to share what we’ve been working on for the past year.

The concept for Boo in Stitches started last January in a little nook at our local coffee shop. My sister, Colleen, and I would meet there every week for what we called Creative Tuesdays.  We would sketch, brainstorm ideas, set big dreams, and laugh a lot.
Boo In Stitches Start
The ultimate goal of our weekly meetings was to figure out a business that we could start together.  I love to sew and she is a talented graphic designer.  We talked about designing fabric, creating prints, selling children’s clothing, etc.  The possibilities were/are endless.

I selfishly told Colleen that I would love start by designing sewing prints that people (like me) could hang in our sewing rooms.  I noticed that there weren’t a lot of choices out there so I figured other people might want them too.  We wrote down a bunch of ideas (more to come), picked our 5 favorites, and figured out what style we wanted them to be.  Colleen created several different renditions until we came up with the following 5 prints. All Prints

Boo in Stitches is the name we decided on after contemplating a long list of possibilities.  We wanted it to be meaningful to us in someway.  Boo, is Colleen’s childhood nickname that she can’t seem to get rid of, even in adulthood.  In Stitches represents my love of sewing but also the constant laughter that takes place when we spend time together.  It’s been this way since we were little: Boo & Shan 2In order to celebrate our new business, we’ve asked 11 of our sewing friends to host a giveaway on their blog or Instagram feeds.  Each of these lovely ladies will be giving away an 8″ x 10″ Boo in Stitches print.  Here’s the schedule for the giveaway:Giveaway_Schedule_Final

If you aren’t lucky enough to snag a free print in the giveaway, we have all of the prints for sale in our Etsy shop!