Pin It, Pin It Real Good

Pin It Pin It Real Good

28 Jan Pin It, Pin It Real Good

We were still youngin’s when “Push It” came out in 1987, but we still appreciate the lyrical genius of Salt-N-Pepa. “Pin It, Pin It Real Good” is our sewing version of “Push It.”  After all, you can never use too many pins, can you?

This print was also inspired by the movie The Campaign.  Marty Huggins has trouble opening double doors in the movie and turns around saying, “Oh, push it, push it real good?”  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s absolutely ridiculous, but Marty Huggins is one of my favorite Zach Galifianakis characters.  the-campaign-zach-galifianakisAnd finally, I saw this door in NYC when my husband and I were visiting a friend.  I opened the door and told the shop owner that I loved this sign.  Apparently he did not find it amusing. Push ItPin It, Pin It Real Good!