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29 Jan Give Me A YARRRRD!

Q: What kind of socks does a pirate wear? A: AaRRRRRRgyle International Talk Like a Pirate Day  (yes, this is actually a thing) isn't until Saturday, September 19th but we thought we'd start celebrating early.  We think one day isn't enough and 232 days sounds like a...

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Pin It Pin It Real Good

28 Jan Pin It, Pin It Real Good

We were still youngin's when "Push It" came out in 1987, but we still appreciate the lyrical genius of Salt-N-Pepa. "Pin It, Pin It Real Good" is our sewing version of "Push It."  After all, you can never use too many pins, can you? This print was...

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Mr. T Pity the Spool

26 Jan I Pity The Spool

If Mr. T were a spool of thread this is how we would picture him: stand-out strands, gold chain (make that several gold chains), and a winning personality.  He would definitely be part of our sewing A-Team. He started with a sketch: And then turned into this: "First...

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